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12th March 2010


When the Acting President ordered the military to lead the security operations in Plateau State, the GOC issued a statement, albeit taking it beyond constitutional bounds, that he has taken over the internal security operations of the state, it was thought everything will be put under control and we would not be confronted by enemies that kill sleep.

It became shockingly disappointing that in spite of the military taking over the security of the state, many innocent women and infants were hacked down by some blood thirsty Fulani herdsmen.

Instead of this happening to humble and make the GOC sober and make him come to terms with the fact that he has failed, he came out trading words and pointing accusing fingers and further showing his lack of understanding of the Plateau crises. One wonders how his pronouncement can bring the DEATH back to life.

The statement by Gen. Sale Maina sounds so absurd and illogical and depicts his lack of grasp of the enormity of his duty. We decline to defer to his submission that no government official called him. Where does the buck stops when it comes to the issue of intelligence? Is it with the government officials or the man who of late took over the security of the state? This clearly shows his proclivity to abdicate his responsibility and resort to blame game.

Another point of concern is the fact that the GOC alleged that he and his men were misled to the wrong direction. This is a confirmation of the urgent need to remove him. How can Nigerians entrust their lives in the hands of a military general who could easily be misled? By this statement he is likely to give a leeway to the assailants to always send him to the wrong direction and continue their reign of terror.

There is a huge credibility gap in all the claims of General Maina. Concerning the deployment of troops he contradicted himself by saying the troops were at Dogo Nahawa by 2.45am and that the carnage started at 4am. If that is the case then it would have been checkmated. We challenge the GOC that what he is saying is a blatant lie. As at the time we were at Ratsat village by 1.30 pm, there were just two military personnel seated in a Honda Accord car. It was at 5pm that we noticed the arrival of two trucks of military men into the village.

We wish to remind the military authority of the necessity to investigate the activities of the military personnel posted to Jos and to explain the reckless killing of innocent Nigerians by the military. Recently innocent people were shot by soldiers in Tudun Wada, Barakin Ladi and Police Staff College area. A 26 year old Dung Sambo was shot and killed in his family compound in Barakin Ladi and his mother was also ordered to be killed. The question is, who should the people be afraid of? Soldiers or the assailants? We call for the thorough probe of the military so that all that are involved in the extra-judicial killings be punished.

Since the GOC cannot provide the needed security and also stop the killing of innocent Nigerians by military personnel it is not debatable that he should be removed. We re-echo and re-enforce our earlier call that he be removed. NO MORE NO LESS!!! .

Shamaki Gad Peter



Wednesday, March 17, 2010


RC 483637

24th February 2010

National Advisory Council: Dr. Bala Takaya, Prof. Sam Egwu. Trustees: Hauwa Shekarau, Rev. Mathias Ndian, Dr. Ayodele Jegede.

Christine Olaniyan, Director: Shamaki Gad Peter


We are glad to receive the news of the arrival of President Yar’Adua back to the country. Though the arrival was without any fanfare because of its clandestine nature, we hope that Nigerians that tried without success to see the President will have the opportunity to see the once elusive president.

It is our expectation that the president has arrived with all his faculties sound and intact to be able to pilot the affairs of the country very well. This is because his presence alone will not guarantee presidential powers but the soundness of his health matters.

The Acting President so far has steered the ship of the country with dexterity and deserve the support of all and sundry and any attempt to rock the boat will be a great disservice to this nation. Therefore we demand that anyone plotting to destabilize the nation using the arrival of Yar’Adua should perish such an ambition because it will be resisted by all Nigerians.

We equally make bold to say any form of incitement by anyone to cause confusion or to resort to any illegal means to overheat the system will be a test of the will of Nigerians to oppose any illegality.

Yar’Adua and his supporters should know that his arrival is not a blank cheque for assumption of powers until he transmits a written letter to the National Assembly signifying his return from medical vacation. We warn that any form of forgery will not be tolerated because the president must be seen to be fit.

It is imperative for President Yar’Adua’s supporters to note that they should stop playing on the sensibilities of Nigerians by sneaking him out and sneaking him into the country. The President is accountable to all Nigerians and not a minority of Nigerians who feel they can hold this country to ransom.

Shamaki Gad Peter

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5th March 2010

Press Release


Once again truth is being sacrificed in this country. Some Nigerians have come out to show that propriety should not be contemplated. For Dora Akunyili, the Minister for Information and Communication, daring to question the impropriety of the EXCOF taciturnity in this moment of truth, unpatriotic Nigerians are calling for her head.

Here is a minister of information who had no and still do not have information concerning the President. Imagine the mouthpiece of the government getting wind of the President’s arrival from Saudi Arabia on CNN. We as a people should feel embarrassed by this impunity.

Nigerians should wake up and stop whipping up parochial sentiments. Akunyili is not part of those who frame the constitution. She should not be blame for the poor handling of the Yar’Adua mystery. If those close to the President have been sincere to Nigerians all this noise would not have arisen.

If the minister committed a crime by suggesting what is constitutional then the framers of the constitution committed the worse crime by contemplating sections 144 and 145 as it were.

When the minister presented a memo to discuss the health status of the president, it was view as disloyalty to the man who appointed her. It is instructive for Nigerians to know that a minister’s loyalty is to the country and not to Yar’Adua as a person.

The minister of Information and Communication deserves commendation and not condemnation for elevating the presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nigerians should come to terms with the fact that the Founding Fathers of this country dared to be ‘maladjusted’ in the eyes of the colonialist to get us breathe the air of independence. If we do not stand up for the truth as Akunyili has demonstrated we will regret it someday.

We cannot afford to linger in covertness on issues that must be critically addressed. Silence is a covert threat to this country and we need more of the Akunyilis in governance who will employ refined obstinacy to put the country on the right track.

The agitations for the removal of the minister, justifying that her statements are capable of heating up the polity, is inexcusable and unacceptable. We therefore condemn in totality the calls for the removal of the minister.

We make bold to say that Akunyili’s memo and subsequent statements are a moral victory for this country and for Nigeria to survive and be in the moral majority we should learn to accept the truth no matter its bitterness.

Shamaki G. Peter

National Advisory Council: Dr. Bala Takaya, Prof. Sam Egwu. Trustees: Hauwa Shekarau, Rev. Mathias Ndian, Dr. Ayodele Jegede.

Christine Olaniyan, Director: Shamaki Gad Peter




10th March 2010

National Advisory Council: Dr. Bala Takaya, Prof. Sam Egwu. Trustees: Hauwa Shekarau, Rev. Mathias Ndian, Dr. Ayodele Jegede.

Christine Olaniyan, Director: Shamaki Gad Peter

Press Release


First, they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up, because I was a protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak for me--- Rev. martin Niemoller

The recent attack on four (4) Berom villages (Ratsat, Zot, Shen and Dogo Nahawa) by Fulani Herdsmen for whatever reason, to say the least is barbaric, uncalled for and the worst act of man’s inhumanity to man and simply condemnable. The killing of innocent women and children shows the complete debasement of the human mind and that our quest for peace on the Plateau is far from being achieved. This pattern of attacks and killings were similar to those that took place in Yelwa Shendam in 2004 that led to the declaration of a State of Emergency and we hope that this will not also be the case.

Since the January 17th crisis in Jos, there has been allegations of lopsidedness on the part of security personnel from several quarters and this has made people to call for the restructuring of the security personnel not only in the state but across the country giving the fact that several assurance of professionalism form the top echelon has not played out in their statutory duties of protection of lives and properties.

When Communities put their hope in the hands of Security Forces and the same security men turn the other way when the people are been killed, to say the least is a betrayal of trust. How can we fathom the rational behind the fact that people run to seek for help from those deployed to provide security and they are told either there is no fuel or simply they have not been instructed to act. The usual delay associated with quick security response calls to question the intentions that inform such delays from the high commands.

People are gradually losing confidence in the presence of security personnel because they no longer believe that it will bring peace and stability and this is to say the least a dangerous development for a nation at the precipice. The main presence of security cannot guarantee peace; it can only come from a heart that has peace and from a peace enforcer that is loyal and committed to his duty. More disturbing is the huge resources used in the maintenance and sustenance of these troops who now let the people down; the same troops who instead of guarding the streets at night engage themselves in idle pass times when the streets go quite, to the detriment of their statutory duties. Giving the fact that the assurances of the military high command has not paid off as the death toll continue to increase and the GOC’s inability to provide stable security and practical solution to the Plateau crisis within the immediacy of time, we therefore call for the removal of the GOC 3rd Amoured Division. His troops are slow in response to distress calls, clear lines of command compromise the necessity for quick response, professional conduct as to civil engagement leaves much to be desired and even military intelligence information gathering seems lacking. Plateau state at this point and any other state in conflict needs a GOC with fresh ideas, that thinks outside the box, is proactive and one with mobile and professional troops.

The Questions we ask after each attack in these communities are:

Ø How do the attackers move from point ‘A to B’ without being noticed, especially with the state under security alert?

Ø Who and what aid their movements?

Ø Where are the attackers camped and mobilized?

Ø When do they do their reconnaissance and map out their engagement strategy?

Ø Those that are arrested, what usually happens to them?

Ø Where are those taken to Abuja?

Ø If the attacks were as a result of retaliation, how can one justify the killing of vulnerable women and children?

We need peace in Plateau State and in order to have peace, there must be fairness and justice without which there can be no meaningful development. Dialogue is good but it won’t work when people can kill and go unchecked and unpunished by law so the security personnel must step up their game to nip in the bud these attacks by staying loyal and committed to their line of duty. In conclusion, we hereby demand that:

Ø Those arrested should be interrogated and prosecuted in Jos to check impunity.

Ø Government should discourage any act of hate preaching, hate speeches and hate journalism.

Ø We also call for a review of the security arrangement and we strongly commend the actions of the Acting President on the removal of the former National Security Adviser who seem to have been overwhelmed and lacking in capacity to synergize information and other security agencies who have not performed in the last 2 to 3 years, looking at the spade and spread of violent conflicts around the country.

Ø Government should investigate activities of neighboring states from where these mercenaries are said to sneak into Plateau state.

Ø The Federal Government, State Government and Local Government should have the political will to do the right thing by prosecuting those found wanting and putting in place security measures to check uprisings.

Ø Arrest and prosecute Journalists that consciously incite violence through their reportage of crises.

Ø No committee again. ACTION TIME!

Shamaki Gad Peter





RC 483637

8th February 2010

Press Release


Of late, calls for the return of the suspects of the Jos crisis back to Jos for prosecution, were made from different quarters. The Plateau State government, civil society organizations and eminent citizens were among those who made these calls. It was hoped that those genuine calls would prick the conscience of the authorities but unfortunately a hurried arrangement for the arraignment of 108 suspects was carried through in Abuja.

The abruptness of this trial vis a vis the reluctance of the authorities to arraign the November 2008 suspects that were transferred to Abuja, raises eyebrows. We are doubtful of this arrangement because there is a distinct possibility that the trial is a smokescreen orchestrated to douse the agitation of the people of Plateau State.

This disinclination to return the suspects to Jos by the authorities in Abuja is fraught with suspicion. As a matter of fact, it is an action that cannot pass through the crucible of credibility and not be found wanting. Certain facts are not in dispute. It is within common knowledge that crises have occurred in so many parts of the North and there are no instances of suspects taken to Abuja or arraigned in Abuja. This departure is starkly questionable.

Could it be that some unfortunate and less privilege Nigerians are being sacrificed to let go the actual suspects? If the suspects are tried in Abuja, who can guarantee the identity of the suspects? To ensure that fairness prevails, we demand the transfer of the suspects involved in the November 2008 and January 2010 crises back to Jos for prosecution.

The authorities should not be naïve to think that these agitations will die down. Unless and until the suspects are brought back to Jos, these calls will remain constant as the Northern star. The agitations are in our humble and considered opinion wise counsels that the authorities should allow to prevail.

We condemn in strong terms the actions of the authorities and their insensitivity to the genuine calls to the adherence to the rule of law which is the thrust of this present administration. These actions are wholesale threats to peace and democracy in this country because the federal government is fond of transferring suspects of Jos crisis to Abuja. This puts a question mark on its fairness to deal with the matter creditably. We strongly demand that the suspects be brought back to Jos for prosecution with immediate effect as doing otherwise will put a dent on our democracy.

We also call on the National Assembly, as a matter of urgency to safeguard the integrity of the country and protect our hard earn democracy, to look into the President’s issue to enable him transfer the mantle of leadership to the Vice President to act on his behalf, pending his return. As we can’t afford to see millions of Nigeria suffers in misery as a result of an individual.

Shamaki Gad Peter



National Advisory Council: Dr. Bala Takaya, Prof. Sam Egwu. Trustees: Hauwa Shekarau, Rev. Mathias Ndian, Dr. Ayodele Jegede.

Christine Olaniyan, Director: Shamaki Gad Peter


press release


15th March 2010


The civil society organizations on the Plateau wish to utterly condemn the wanton destruction of lives and property in a recent crisis that re-erupted in some parts of Jos and its environs. The fact that the crises re-erupted when the people of the state were just about getting over a similar crisis which claimed lots of lives and properties around a year ago is most regrettable, considering the investment of Non Governmental Organization (NGO), government and other stakeholders in peace building and conflict resolution.

It is imperative despite our numerous press releases and interviews to call for this press dialogue so as to draw your attention to some alarmingly dangerous precedence that could be inimical to the efforts being made to find a lasting solution to the recurrence of crisis in Jos.

For quite sometime, falsehood and sentiments have been allowed to thrive and that has always stood in the way of genuine and lasting resolution of the problem in Jos. In the face of concrete reality, rumours are being peddled and unfortunately accepted as the truth and are made the foundations for peace building process. Sentiments have also gain currency and have overridden good reasoning in the quest to restore peace in Nigeria and Plateau in particular. If we continue to make these- twin evil our bed rock for lasting peace, it is safe to infer that the end of the crisis in Jos is no where in sight. We have to call a spade a spade and be hugely prudent with sentiments.

Having critically analyzed the crisis, we wish to state our positions as follows:

Residents of Plateau

It is increasingly becoming more dangerous for Nigerians to reside in most northern part of the country and a pass time for some Nigerians in the North to kill and destroy at will. Such individuals erroneously believe they have a licence to kill, inflict harm and burn and destroy other people’s property. To them, the laws of the land make no sense and they are untouchable. At the slightest provocation, or even unprovoked, they unleash terror on fellow citizens. Shortly before the New Year it was Bauchi state and eight days back it was Plateau state.

We note with regret, the growing intolerance of residents of the state who now, unfortunately, see violence as only means of resolving conflicts. It is our belief that the disagreement which escalated into this violence could have been resolved otherwise if the parties had not taken laws into their hands. A situation where people with little or no provocation embark on massive destruction of lives and properties creates a dangerous trend which must quickly be addressed by all authorities concerned.

National Advisory Council: Dr. Bala Takaya, Prof. Sam Egwu. Trustees: Hauwa Shekarau, Rev. Mathias Ndian, Dr. Ayodele Jegede.

Christine Olaniyan, Director: Shamaki Gad Peter

State and federal governments

While we commend the efforts of governments both at state and federal levels in ensuring peace returned to Plateau State, we wish to observe the following:

  • That the trivialities accorded the issue of security of lives and property by government especially the nonchalant treatment of early warnings, deployment of security personnel during crises and procedures has become a cause of concern for us.
  • That the steps taken by both the state and federal governments on previous crisis leaves much to be pondered as to whether there is any synergy between both levels of government to tackle the security problem in the state.
  • That the inability of both governments to bring to book those arrested in relation to previous crises has left an impression that governments condone such heinous crime against the state and humanity.
  • That the inability of past and present governments to publish and implement reports of previous commissions of inquiry on Jos crisis shows governments weak political will to tackle the issue of Jos crisis.


We wish to condemn the biased reportage of the crisis by local and foreign media who for selfish interest peddled falsehood that created a lot of tension within and outside the state.

Security Personnel

We wish to commend the efforts of the immediate past commissioner of police who was brave enough to give face to the faceless hoodlums and equally commend other security personnel in the state in quelling the violent crisis. We however, have the following observations:

  • That the inability of the security apparatus in the state to act on intelligence report, early warnings and rumours on the likely re-occurrence of Jos crisis left much to be desired.
  • That the refusal of security personnel who were present at the time the crisis started to nip it in the bud on the excuse that they had no order to act allowed the full escalation of the crisis.
  • That the various incidence of side-taking, bias and favouritism, harassment and abuse of the fundamental human rights of citizens have eroded the confidence the people have in the Nigerian Army to protect their lives and property (there were many reports of solders aiding and abetting the burning of property by some people).
  • That the removal of the immediate past commissioner of police Greg Ayanting was done in bad faith and could discourage other officers in doing their work creditably.
  • That the purported take-over of the security of Plateau State by the Army as announced by the GOC 3rd Armoured Division Rukuba Barracks is unconstitutional and tantamount to a coup-d’etat. For the avoidance of doubt, section 217 (2)(c) quoted by the GOC as the basis for his declaration does not in any way contemplate the taking over of the security of a state by the Army, it only allows the Army to act “in aid of civil authorities” and not ‘take over’. To say the least, the statement is an affront on democracy in Plateau State.


Therefore recommend the following

1. Speedy prosecution and punishment of all those arrested in connection with the January 17 crisis in Plateau State to serve as deterrent to others that government will no longer condone senseless destruction of lives and property in Plateau State or anywhere in Nigeria.

2. Government should immediately release and implement reports of previous commissions of inquiry into the Jos crisis.

3. Redeployment of the present GOC to restore the confidence of the residents of state in the military in the state.

4. There should be a joint task force to take charge of the security and not the military exclusively.

5. Distribution of relief materials should be equitable and fair; NEMA and SEMA should work together and also involve the CSO.

6. The Ban on the commercial motor cycle riders and sell of (fuel in Jerry cans) should be fully implemented and sustained, however the state government should make concerted effort to ensure adequate supply of fuel at the petrol stations and should equally provide alternative means of transportation.

7. We call on the inspector general of police and the federal government to transfer the culprits that were apprehended during the November 2008 and January 2010 crisis back to Jos for prosecution.

8. The posting of military personnel should be critically looked into so as to avoid biased treatment.

9. The military trucks used in conveying groups of people in crisis situation should be done equitably

Shamaki Gad Peter