Friday, March 26, 2010


12th March 2010


When the Acting President ordered the military to lead the security operations in Plateau State, the GOC issued a statement, albeit taking it beyond constitutional bounds, that he has taken over the internal security operations of the state, it was thought everything will be put under control and we would not be confronted by enemies that kill sleep.

It became shockingly disappointing that in spite of the military taking over the security of the state, many innocent women and infants were hacked down by some blood thirsty Fulani herdsmen.

Instead of this happening to humble and make the GOC sober and make him come to terms with the fact that he has failed, he came out trading words and pointing accusing fingers and further showing his lack of understanding of the Plateau crises. One wonders how his pronouncement can bring the DEATH back to life.

The statement by Gen. Sale Maina sounds so absurd and illogical and depicts his lack of grasp of the enormity of his duty. We decline to defer to his submission that no government official called him. Where does the buck stops when it comes to the issue of intelligence? Is it with the government officials or the man who of late took over the security of the state? This clearly shows his proclivity to abdicate his responsibility and resort to blame game.

Another point of concern is the fact that the GOC alleged that he and his men were misled to the wrong direction. This is a confirmation of the urgent need to remove him. How can Nigerians entrust their lives in the hands of a military general who could easily be misled? By this statement he is likely to give a leeway to the assailants to always send him to the wrong direction and continue their reign of terror.

There is a huge credibility gap in all the claims of General Maina. Concerning the deployment of troops he contradicted himself by saying the troops were at Dogo Nahawa by 2.45am and that the carnage started at 4am. If that is the case then it would have been checkmated. We challenge the GOC that what he is saying is a blatant lie. As at the time we were at Ratsat village by 1.30 pm, there were just two military personnel seated in a Honda Accord car. It was at 5pm that we noticed the arrival of two trucks of military men into the village.

We wish to remind the military authority of the necessity to investigate the activities of the military personnel posted to Jos and to explain the reckless killing of innocent Nigerians by the military. Recently innocent people were shot by soldiers in Tudun Wada, Barakin Ladi and Police Staff College area. A 26 year old Dung Sambo was shot and killed in his family compound in Barakin Ladi and his mother was also ordered to be killed. The question is, who should the people be afraid of? Soldiers or the assailants? We call for the thorough probe of the military so that all that are involved in the extra-judicial killings be punished.

Since the GOC cannot provide the needed security and also stop the killing of innocent Nigerians by military personnel it is not debatable that he should be removed. We re-echo and re-enforce our earlier call that he be removed. NO MORE NO LESS!!! .

Shamaki Gad Peter




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