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RC 483637

8th February 2010

Press Release


Of late, calls for the return of the suspects of the Jos crisis back to Jos for prosecution, were made from different quarters. The Plateau State government, civil society organizations and eminent citizens were among those who made these calls. It was hoped that those genuine calls would prick the conscience of the authorities but unfortunately a hurried arrangement for the arraignment of 108 suspects was carried through in Abuja.

The abruptness of this trial vis a vis the reluctance of the authorities to arraign the November 2008 suspects that were transferred to Abuja, raises eyebrows. We are doubtful of this arrangement because there is a distinct possibility that the trial is a smokescreen orchestrated to douse the agitation of the people of Plateau State.

This disinclination to return the suspects to Jos by the authorities in Abuja is fraught with suspicion. As a matter of fact, it is an action that cannot pass through the crucible of credibility and not be found wanting. Certain facts are not in dispute. It is within common knowledge that crises have occurred in so many parts of the North and there are no instances of suspects taken to Abuja or arraigned in Abuja. This departure is starkly questionable.

Could it be that some unfortunate and less privilege Nigerians are being sacrificed to let go the actual suspects? If the suspects are tried in Abuja, who can guarantee the identity of the suspects? To ensure that fairness prevails, we demand the transfer of the suspects involved in the November 2008 and January 2010 crises back to Jos for prosecution.

The authorities should not be naïve to think that these agitations will die down. Unless and until the suspects are brought back to Jos, these calls will remain constant as the Northern star. The agitations are in our humble and considered opinion wise counsels that the authorities should allow to prevail.

We condemn in strong terms the actions of the authorities and their insensitivity to the genuine calls to the adherence to the rule of law which is the thrust of this present administration. These actions are wholesale threats to peace and democracy in this country because the federal government is fond of transferring suspects of Jos crisis to Abuja. This puts a question mark on its fairness to deal with the matter creditably. We strongly demand that the suspects be brought back to Jos for prosecution with immediate effect as doing otherwise will put a dent on our democracy.

We also call on the National Assembly, as a matter of urgency to safeguard the integrity of the country and protect our hard earn democracy, to look into the President’s issue to enable him transfer the mantle of leadership to the Vice President to act on his behalf, pending his return. As we can’t afford to see millions of Nigeria suffers in misery as a result of an individual.

Shamaki Gad Peter



National Advisory Council: Dr. Bala Takaya, Prof. Sam Egwu. Trustees: Hauwa Shekarau, Rev. Mathias Ndian, Dr. Ayodele Jegede.

Christine Olaniyan, Director: Shamaki Gad Peter



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